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为避免无谓的取消订单或退货给双方带来损失,请先确认好再付款,有任何疑问,随时沟通所有产品为中国插头,免费提供英国插头转换器, 为了更准确的投递,请提供手机号码,而非座机号码!1.8L容量+1.4L蒸笼 七大菜单 预约功能 上蒸下煮 宿舍神器,电热锅 多功能电热杯学生宿舍电煮锅煮面电火锅电锅电热锅 电煮锅 火锅 煮面 蒸食物 烧水,蒸 煮 热 涮 煲 全功能从中国发货,付款后2天内通过EMS特快寄出,国际邮件不保证时效,通常寄出后,英国买家80%会在4-7天内签收,英国买家无需关税,其它国家可能有关税

You can be a good cook too !!
This is Bear electric food cooker, have a 3.2L large capacity, easy to use and cook.
Transparent tempered glass lid + Stainless steel inner part, anti-scald, durable and easy to clean.
Separate plug and cable, safe and convenient to use.
Overheat protection and smart sense temperature control, protect you from possible hurt.
Multi-functional cooker, it can use to cook soup, hot pot, stewing noodles, cooking porridge, steaming eggs, boiling water etc,
plug and use, enjoy your delicious food :)
Specification :
Brand : Bear
Material : Stainless steel+PP
Capacity : 3.2L(Include steamer)
Rated power : 800W
Rated voltage : 220V
Size : 265 x 249 x 254mm
Weight : 1400g

Bear 3 2L Portable Mini Electric Pot Kettle Cooker for Cooking Soup Rice and Steamed Food DRG-C18Q6 YJHJUUFCB

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